let's talk change & get creative!

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, uninspired, lacking confidence or motivation?


Sometimes all we need is that one open-minded partner on-board, to get things done!


I‘m here to be your candid thinking partner, to ask you those questions that will get your wheel spinning, help you see where you’re at to sharpen your vision.


Every coaching session is unique and will adapt to your personal needs.


The structured, thought-provoking sessions will help you set goals, bring focus and gain clarity on objectives that you decide are right for you.


I’m Alex, a consultant in the creative industry, collaborating with cultural institutions and artists around the world, helping them organise their thoughts, realise their projects, and navigate the art world.


Successive moves have marked my life from an early age and forged a great part of my identity.


I’m curious, dynamic and open-minded, I adapt and connect to those around me and cultivate relationships and experiences.


I know what it’s like, when you need to figure things out, when doubt, fear or frustration kicks in.


I appreciate the challenges and mindset shifts needed to build and preserve a more fulfilling and balanced life. I will support you in identifying them, becoming more resourceful, creating opportunities and figuring out what’s next.


Recognise your needs

Recognise and protect what you value

Be aware of the mental blocks you are prone to

Nurture and maintain your support network



After a free intake session we’ll see if we’re a good match and if you want to give it a try.


Sessions last 60 minutes and can also take place via Skype or Zoom.






If you have any questions before we get started or later on, don’t hesitate
Whatsapp : +33 6 19 85 53 43



Working with Alexandra has felt like working through a calcified knot. She is incredibly perceptive and intuitive when it comes to excavating and revealing the sources of one’s ‘stuck-ness’. Alexandra’s value lies in her considered approach to coaching but also in her interest in long-lasting, transformational impact. Since our work together I have managed to identify more opportunities in my life and explore each one more fully.



Aundrea B.



What I love most about Alex is her creative mind. It completely informs her approach, her capacity to wander with me in all sorts of directions in a way that I couldn't do alone. Seriously, two minds are better than one. And at the same time she keeps the conversation focused, purposeful and practical. Basically she brings together the best of both worlds. The creative and the practical. With a smile and a giggle. For me that's her super power.



Tessa D.



Alex has the wonderful capacity of helping me reset my mind, of unsticking me when caught in habitual patterns. She’s helped me look at life from a slightly different angle many times and this has been so helpful to me.



Loulou D.

Let me fall if I must fall.
The one I become will catch me.